Winter Home and Ranch Checklist

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Winter Home and Ranch Checklist

Winter doesn't seem fun when you are feeding your livestock and doing other chores in freezing cold weather. But with the right equipment, such as warm gloves or muck boots, it can at least be much more enjoyable. Follow this checklist to keep your home or ranch in great condition during the winter.  

Winter Property Care

Winterize your faucets - Disconnect any hoses, shut off the valve, and then drain your faucet to prevent freezing. Inspect your spigots and faucets for any drips or leaks that can potentially freeze. If you want to keep your faucets on all winter, simply install the Freeze Miser for the best faucet protection!

Have food ready - Whether you have smaller pets like a cat or dog, or large animals such as horses or cattle, your animals will eat more food in the winter time. Cattle and horses can still graze when there is snow on the ground but they still may need to be supplemented. Plan to feed your animals up to 25% more in the colder months. Watch your animals closely and increase their feed if you notice changes in their weight.

Check Your Facilities - Chickens, dogs, horses, and even cows will need some sort of shelter for winter. Make sure your barn, coop, or other shelter are in good shape so they will stand up to winter conditions. Fix any fences before a hard cold spell to avoid digging in frozen ground. Make sure all your water heaters work so your animals will have access to fresh water.

Keep pests away - Mice, spiders, and other pests love to come inside during winter months to stay warm. Check your home and barn for cracks and holes and seal them up to prevent infestations. Consider using rodent bait to keep pesky rats and mice from getting inside.

Pruning - While the exact time to prune depends on your type of tree, most pruning should be done in the winter when they are dormant. Fruit trees should be done later in the winter before the buds start to swell but the coldest part of winter is over. This guide will help you to determine the exact time to prune your specific trees. 

Keep Ice Away - Ice Melts are great for keeping your home or business free of snow and ice. Ice melts works by forming a liquid brine solution, which can generate heat and melt the ice. There are an assortment of ice melts, such as eco friendly or low temperature ice melts, for all your different needs. Don't forget to have a snow shovel handy for clearing large amounts of snow. 

Care For Your Lawn - Even if your lawn is dormant there are still things you can do to keep your lawn healthy for when it starts growing again. Clear leaves and other large objects off your lawn so they don't damage the lawn from sitting out over the winter. Finally try to avoid walking on your lawn too much after it freezes or goes dormant. Even strong grass can become weak if you walk over the same path too much.

Escape The Winter Blues

Steve Regan has a variety of products to keep you and your animals comfortable this winter. We also have many different supplies to help your plants get through the winter season in Utah, Idaho, and other areas. If you have any questions, give us a call and our experts will be happy to help you out! We have been growing together with our customers since 1936 and are here for all your growing needs.