About Us

Steve Regan Company was established in 1936 by Steve Regan located near downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Initially, the primary business was selling herbicides and insecticides to farmers in Utah. Later a second location was added in Caldwell, Idaho. The marketing area then included Utah, Southern Idaho, and Eastern Nevada. At one time, Steve Regan Company was the largest distributor in the U.S.A for one major chemical manufacturer.

Steve Harmsen purchased the company in 1978 from Steve Regan. At that time the company began to grow and expand. A new corporate office and warehouse was built in Murray, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Additional locations were established. At the present time, 9 locations are in operation throughout Utah and Idaho. Steve Regan Company purchased stock in several national purchasing organizations. Steve Regan Company became one of the early stockholders in Durvet, a national leader in animal health products.

As demographics, population, and markets changed, Steve Regan Company kept pace. Product lines and new markets were established. The farm and ranch products lines were expanded to include all the major products that were being used by these customers. That includes animal health products, veterinary supplies, livestock handling equipment, fencing, pesticides and fertilizer, seed, sprayers, pumps, irrigation equipment, feed supplements, animal equipment and tack. Steve Regan Company also expanded horizontally into other "non-agriculture" markets that use similar products. This included professional lawn care, greenhouse, nursery, landscape professional, pest control operators, government agencies, garden centers, home and garden retail market, horse owners, and companion animal pet supplies and feed. "If it grows, Steve Regan has something to make it grow better". Steve Regan plans to adapt and grow for the next 85 years as it has the past 85 years.

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