Wessol Flowzone Cyclone Backpack Sprayer 3.0

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Now introducing the 4-Gallon Cyclone Series 3 Sprayer! With a 25-ft spray distance, this sprayer introduces design updates that significantly improve your spraying experience. By taking our customers feedback, we've implemented various tank advancements and brand new nozzle lineups. The Cyclone 3 is a premier choice in pest control and lawncare industries.

What's New?

The Cyclone Series 3 Sprayer now offers:

  • Detachable Hose
  • Sealed Inner Electronics
  • Improved Serviceability
  • Updated QC Nozzles (TeeJet Style) [QC 45 Degree Fan TeeJet, QC 0 Degree Pin Stream TeeJet, QC Brass Adjustable Cone Nozzle]
  • More Liquid Indicator Marks
  • Wedge-lock wand holsters