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Atrimmec Plant Growth Regulator is a systemic plant growth regulator that works by blocking the plant hormones that stimulate growth. Applied to shrubs, hedges, trees, and groundcovers, Atrimmec reduces trimming and pruning labor by 50% or more, and can improve the appearance of landscape ornamentals when applied as a foliar spray. It’s also labeled for bark banding and soil drench applications, and a single application of Atrimmec can prevent undesired fruit for the season on certain landscape trees.

Active Ingredient Dikegulac 18.5%
Target pests Growth regulation and reduces undesired (nuisance) fruit and flower formation
For use in Ivy (Algerian, English), Forsythia (Spring growth), Juniper, Ornamental olive, Glossy privet, Multiflora rose, Other listed trees, shrubs, hedges, and groundcovers
Application 1 - 5 oz per gallon of water