Natural Guard - HuMic Liquid Humic Acid Concentrate - 32 oz

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This Liquid Humic Acid is derived 100% from pure leonardite and helps stimulate soil life and increase nutrient uptake.  Use on vegetable gardens, flower beds, indoor plants and lawns.

Active Ingredient: Humic Acid 12%

Application: For Hose-End Sprayers: Apply 6 oz. per gal. of water to cover 1,000 sq. ft. in the spring at four week intervals to reduce the stress on your plants due to infrequent watering and maximize the vitality of your garden, lawn or beds. When spraying bedded plants or garden plants with the tank sprayer, keep the product off the leaves and flowers.

For Drip Systems: This product is great for use in the above and below ground drip systems. Smaller amounts may be applied over several irrigations instead of over one application. It can be applied every two weeks.

For House Plants: Apply 1-2 Tbs. per 1 qt. of water to soil every 2-4 weeks.