Lifeline - All Species Milk Replacer 20:20 - Piglet, Calf & Foal -10 lb.

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The ultimate choice for nurturing the overall development and well-being of young animals from day 2 to weaning. Crafted as an all-milk formula, it boasts a carefully balanced blend of 20% protein and 20% fat, promoting robust growth and vitality. With the assurance of LIFELINE's quality, you will provide young animals with a superior start, laying the foundation for a healthy and thriving future.

• 20% Protein 20% Fat: An optimal blend of protein and fat that every young piglet, calf, and horse foal needs.

• Advanced All Milk Formula : This all milk formula is specifically crafted to provide superior support for your young animals.

• Smooth, Easy Mixing: Smooth, easy mixing with warm water. Mixes in under 60 seconds with just a whisk.