FerAppease - Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS) 100mg/mL - 300mL

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FerAppease Bovine is a synthetic analogue of the Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS).  FerAppease can and should be used every time animals are exposed to management and physiological stressors, where suppression of threat perception is desirable (i.e. castration, dehorning, weaning, vaccination, parturition, breeding, etc.). Use on calves after weaning to limit their bawling and reduce stress.

For use only in healthy cattle by topical administration to the nuchal skin and the skin above the muzzle. Multidose vial of 300 ml of FerAppease. Apply 5 ml to the back of the head, with a second 5 ml application above the nostrils for cattle over 200 pounds (use 2.5 ml for calves under 200 pounds). Each bottle can treat 60 calves or 30 adult cattle.