Electrolyte Formula 911 - 100 g

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Formula 911 contains a blend of electrolytes, probiotics, nutrients & sugars to provide hydration & energy to young animals during times of environmental changes. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms. 

  • Complete supplement for use in milk, milk replacer or water
  • Single use packet when feeding to calves or foals - no waste and easy to mix!
  • Multi-species use for calves, foals, lambs, kids, baby pigs, fawns, llamas and alpacas crias

FORMULA 911 PREPARATION: Mix one 100 gm packet of Formula 911® into 2 quarts of warm water, milk or milk replacer. Shake or mix thoroughly. Prepare just prior to feeding.


  • Feed two quarts of Formula 911® mixture to each calf or foal twice daily for the first two days. May increase Formula 911® feedings as needed up to 4 times daily. Receiving calves should be given 2 Formula 911® feedings prior to regular milk program.
  • For lambs, goats/kids, baby pigs, fawns, llamas and alpacas crias feed 4 oz of the prepared Formula 911® mixture per 5 lbs of body weight, 3 times a day for 2 days.