Durvet - Durazyme 4HL Calves Paste - 30gm

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DuraZyme 4HL Paste for Calves is specifically formulated to excel in environments where calves are more susceptible to stress-induced diseases and infections. This specialized formula makes it the go-to choice for calves in need of extra, targeted care. It contains proprietary natural proteins and features a unique blend of lactic acid producing bacteria, dried milk protein, lactase enzymes, and dried egg solids. This combination aims to fight diseases, minimize intestinal infections, and boost both appetite and digestion in calves.

  • Proven product with proven results!
  • For Beef and Dairy Calves – wide spectrum of safety and activity
  • Ideal for use in stressed and weak calves – convenient tubes ensure proper dosage
  • Safe to use as adjunct therapy – can be administered with antibiotics
  • Helps establish gut flora – minimizes intestinal infections and aids in digestion
Usage:  Formulated for all classes of cattle.
Directions: Feed 15 - 30 gm on the back of the tongue. Repeat as necessary.
Guaranteed Analysis: Total lactic acid producing bacteria (min) 40 million cfu*/gm (B. subtilis, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, B. thermophilum, B. longum), Ascorbic acid (min) 30 mg/gm, Lactase (A. niger) 5 mg lactase hydrolyzed/min/gm, beta-Glucanase (A. niger) 5 mg beta glucans hydrolyzed/min/gm.