Alligare- Whetstone - 1 gallon

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Whetstone provides versatile season-long control of selective annual, perennial and biennial broadleaf weeds in right-of-ways and bare ground areas. Coverage includes invasive and noxious weeds, and certain woody plants and vines.  Its active ingredient, aminopyralid, is well-known for being gentle on nutritional grasses while selectively eliminating invasive thistles, legumes, and other broadleaf weeds.

Active Ingredient: Aminopyralid 40.6%
Target Pests: Canada Thistle, Musk Thistle, Curly Dock, Marestail, Ironweed, Knapweeds, Kudzu and others
For use in: Non Crop Areas (including utility ROW, industrial sites, petroleum tank farms, roadsides, railroads, substations and more), Natural Areas (including wildlife management areas, etc), CRP Acres, Rangeland, Permanent Grass Pastures
Application: 4-7 oz per acre