Albaugh - Dicamba HD - 2.5 gal

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Dicamba HD is a water-soluble formulation intended for control and suppression of many annual, perennial, and biennial broadleaf weeds, as well as woody brush and vines. Dicamba HD may be used for control of these weeds in conservation reserve programs (CRP), corn, cotton, soybean, sorghum, small grains (wheat, barley, and oats), pasture, hay, proso millet, rangeland, general farmstead (non-cropland), fallow croplands, sugarcane, asparagus, rights-of-way, turf and grass seed crops.

  • Readily absorbed through shoot and root uptake, translocating throughout the plant, and accumulating in areas of active growth.
  • Lower volatility compared to DMA formulations.
  • Controls many problematic broadleaf weeds and has a low probability of selecting for resistant weed biotypes.
Active Ingredient Diglycolamine salt 56.8% (Compare to Clarity)
Application Rate: Use 4-32 fl. oz per acre depending on crop and weed type you are treating. Use .15 - .75 ounces per gallon for spot treatment.
Target Pests: Chickweed, Clovers, Cocklebur, Henbit, Kochia, Morningglory, Puncturvine, Spurge, Sagebrush, and more