Willowood - Paraquat 3SL - 2.5 gal - (haz)

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Willowood Paraquat 3SL is a unique, fast acting, non-selective contact herbicide regsitered for use in a wide variety of crops including but not limited to: corn, soybean, wheat, rice, potatoes, tree fruit, nut crops, cotton and more. This herbicide binds tightly to soil particles and does not have a negative effect on groundwater or soil organisms.


Active Ingredient: Paraquat dichloride (1,1'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinium dichloride) 43.2%

Crops: Alfalfa, Citrus, Corn, Grapes, Grass Seed, Soybeans, Sugar Beets, Tree Fruit and Nuts, Vegetables