United Phosphorus - Tengard - Permethrin SFR - 32 oz

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Tengard SFR provides fast, effective, and long lasting control for over 75 different types of pests both indoors and outdoors. Tengard SFR contains Permethrin and is a professional grade, low-odor product. One quart makes up to 20 to 40 gallons of finished solution.

Active Ingredient 36.8% Permethrin
Target pests Termites, bark beetles, ants, bees, fleas, aphids, beetles, ticks, roaches, and chiggers, general insect control.
For use in Perimeter treatment of Lawns, Ornamentals, Recreation areas and Athletic Fields, Indoor spot, Crack & Crevice Treatments
Application Rate: Indoors: 1 to 1.6 ounces per gallon Outdoors: 1 ounce will treat 1000 square feet of lawn for ticks, fleas, mole crickets, chinch bugs and other listed insects.