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Pristine fungicide is the leading fungicide used in specialty crops for the control of a wide spectrum of diseases as well as increased plant/fruit health.

Pristine features a combination of the active ingredients, pyraclostrobin (the active ingredient in Headline fungicide) and boscalid to provide disease control in a variety of crops.

Pristine deprives fungal cells of their energy source and eliminates the availability of chemical building blocks for synthesis of essential cellular components. It also interferes with cell respiration and the production of energy.

Pristine is labeled for use on grapes, berries, stone fruit, pome fruit, tree nuts, carrots as well as onions and other bulb vegetables.

  • In grapes, Pristine provides unmatched control of powdery mildew and activity on Botrytis, Phomopsis cane and leaf spot, downy mildew and black rot.
  • In strawberries, Pristine is highly effective against Botrytis gray mold and powdery mildew.
  • Pristine is an all-season total fungicide tool in stone fruit, controlling everything from blossom blight to shothole to scab and even brown rot on the tree and after harvest.
  • In pome fruit, Pristine extends its excellent control of both summer and storage diseases to apples and pears.