Monsanto - Roundup Powermax - 2.5 gal

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Roundup PowerMax is a new high load, dry free-flowing, granular glyphosate containing 72% w/w glyphosate, present as 79.2% w/w ammonium salt of glyphosate. The free-flowing, dust-free granules dissolve rapidly and completely in water with minimal foaming, allowing for improved handling. 

Blend of non-aggressive surfactants optimized for maximum leaf uptake without cuticle damage in shortest time, with additional benefits to operator and environmental safety. This results in unrivalled efficacy on all weeds with extremely short cultivation intervals and improved results under challenging conditions (rainfast 1 hour, hard water, dry, cold).

Low drift properties of PowerMax helps farmers comply with Best Practice (sustainable use directive/water framework directive).

This formulation does not require added surfactant, even at low rates, is tolerant of hard water and carries a wide range of tank mixes for maximum flexibility.
Roundup Powermax is also the first granular formulation to be approved for aquatic and hard-surface area use, allowing for even greater flexibility with the product.

Roundup PowerMax Benefits

  • High load formulation, 720g/L glyphosate
  • Cultivation intervals 6 hours for annuals, 2 days for Couch, 5 days for perennials
  • Rainfast in 1 hour for annuals and 4 hours for perennials
  • High level of efficacy/maximum glyphosate uptake to roots
  • Superior performance in a wide range of weather conditions
  • Low drift formulation
  • Wide ranging/flexible label
  • Wide tank mix compatibility
  • Minimum waste due to improved packaging, no need to triple rinse
  • No hazard symbols on labels
  • Approved for aquatic and plant free area use