Certis - Kocide 3000 - 10 lb

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KOCIDE 3000-O is the most technologically advanced copper fungicide in the market. Kocide 3000-O provides a foundation for disease control in vines, tree nuts, vegetables, tree fruit, citrus, and numerous other crops. It is an outstanding dry flowable formulation for easy handling, mixing and use.

Active Ingredients:  Copper Hydroxide 46.1%
Protects Against: Algal leaf spot, Alternaria, Anthracnose, Bacterial spot, Bacterial blast, Bacterial blight, Brown rots, Botrytis(gray mold), Citrus canker, Downy mildew, Early blight, Fire blight, Late blight, Melanose, Powdery mildew, Leaf curl, Leaf spots, Scab, Shot hole, Walnut blight
Use On: Citrus, Tree crops, Field crops, Small fruits, Vegetables, Vines, Conifers, Other crops