Steve Regan - Agri-Feed Iron Chelate 6% with minors - 5 gal

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This 6% Iron Chelate blend is formulated to provide iron to plants, especially those grown in calcareous, alkaline or acid soils. Best used for a nutrient environment with a pH of 4-7. Adding this mix will ensure improved health and quality of plants without adding sodium. It can be used in nurseries, gardens, landscape plantings, and turf.

Analysis:  Nitrogen (12%), Sulfur (5%), Magnesium (0.5%), Iron (6%), Manganese (1%), Zinc (1%)
Application:  Turf 4-8 oz per 1000 sq ft; Fruit and nut crops 1 to 3 gal per acre; Field and veg crops 3 to 10 quarts per acre; Ornamentals 1 gal per 100 gallon; Soil Applications 5 to 6 gal per 100 gallon (1 to 3 gallons is enough for most ornamentals)