Alligare/Loveland - Diuron 4L - 2.5 gal

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A non-selective residual herbicide for the control of a wide range of grasses, broadleaf weeds in land not intended to bear vegetation, including industrial sites, railways, and other non-crop situations. This product is non-selective as a post-emergent, but it can be used selectively on certain crops when used as a pre-emergent. 

Ageratum, Annual Bluegrass, Annual Groundcherry, Annual Lovegrass, Annual Morningglory, Annual Ryegrass, Annual Smartweed, Annual Sowthistle, Annual Sweet Vernalgrass, Barnyardgrass, Chickweed, Cocklebur, Corn Speedwell, Corn Supply, Crabgrass, Dayflower, Dogfennel, Fiddleneck, Flora's Paintbrush, Foxtail, Gromwell, Guineagrass, Hawksbeard, Horsenettle, Horseweed, Johnsongrass, Knawell, Kochia, Kyllinger, Lambsquarters, Maidencane, Marigold, Mexican Clover, Orchardgrass, Pangolagrass, Pennycress, Peppergrass, Pigweed, Pineappleweed, Pokeweed, Prickly Sida, Purslane, Quackgrass, Rabbit Tobacco, Ragweed, Rattail Fescue, Red Sprangletop, Rice Grass, Sandbur, Sesbania, Shepardspurse, Sicklepod, Spanishneedles, Tansymustard, Velvetgrass, Velvetleaf, Wild Buckwheat, Wild Lettuce, Wild Mustard, and Wild Radish.
Active Ingredient Diuron 40.7%

1 oz per gallon. 4 - 12 quarts per acre