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Capewell City Head 5
For use with saddle horses, working horses and ponies.
The City head nails are the most widely used nail in the US market. The flat head has a proper fit in most standard-creased shoes. The strong shank is slimmer compared to a Regular nail, which makes driving easier, consistently reliable and safer, at the same time minimized hoof wall damage. The precisely beveled, sharp points provide quick, accurate driving time after time. To assist in quick orientation and in the right placement of the nail, the Capewell Cross Hatch, a trademark, is placed on the same side of the head for quick identification.
The Capewell CH5 nails are an excellent choice for a variety of shoes and recreational or competition horse activities . Precision, accuracy and reliability are key features of all our nails. The City Head 5XL has an extra long shank, this feature enables to drive the nails accurately and smooth higher in the hoofwall. 100 BX