St. Croix - Eventer - Front - 1 - Pair

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The Eventer is designed to provide the protection and support of a wide webbed shoe with breakover and traction of a rim shoe.  The heel shape allows for a tight fit while still providing enough material for support and studs when required.  The front and hind shapes typically require minimal shaping, and they are punched for a CH5 nail.


The Eventer is a popular horseshoe which has been designed for the needs of versatile, often very spirited horses. In this context, terms such as grip, weight and performance are very important. This is a profiled horseshoe with a consistently high quality. The heels are flat without fullering for better support of the hoof and with the option of drilling holes for studs. In  addition to the added grip provided by the concave section, it also helps prevent the build-up of manure and sand under the foot. Another integral feature aimed at improving the grip and reducing the weight is the continuous crease in the toe section.