Miraco - Mirafount - 2-Hole - Large - #3390 - 44 Gal.

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The MiraFount Two-Hole Watering Trough is great for keeping fresh water for your herd. It is ideal for beef and dairy livestock and has two openings so it can be used in multiple pastures. It is very durable and has split top end panels allow you to easily remove top end panels to help get new cattle started fast

  • Eliminates algae problems as water is not exposed to sunlight
  • Remove the panels when you need more capacity for a few extra head.
  • Insulated so your water won't freeze.
CAPACITY 150 head beef; 60 head dairy
GALLONS 44   (166.5 liters)
SPECIFICATIONS Two 10” openings / 10.75” ball closures (convertible)
DIMENSIONS 43” x 29” x 20”   (109 x 73.6 x 51 cm)
WEIGHT 126 pounds   (57 kg)
DRINKING HEIGHT 20”   (51 cm)