OK Brand - Barbwire - 4pt - 1320' - Premium - Class 1 ASTM

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Whether it's our 2-point or 4-point barbed wire, the durability and strength will impress every user of our wire. We have some of the sharpest barbs in the industry, repelling the most stubborn of animals. Our OK Brand Premium Barbed Wire has a Class I coating that meets or exceeds ASTM A-121 specifications with sharp, evenly spaced barbs. Our OK Brand Premier offers the same qualities as our Premium Barbed Wire with the feature of flat barbs. Our Ok Brand Select gives you the Class I coating, but lessens the expense by spreading the barbs by 1". OK Brand Premium and Select Barbed Wire have zero splices per roll with minimum 950 lb. breaking strength. Our OK Brand commercial Barbed Wire is economically priced using commercial galvanized coating. All styles are packaged on non-collapsible reels with easy handle, placed on wooden pallets, and shrink wrapped for protection against the elements.