Hi-Yield - Garden, Pet and Livestock Dust - 4 lb. ####ZZ

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Low odor vegetable, ornamental, Rose, flower, fruit, pet and livestock insecticide. Provides both repelling and killing action of over 60 insects. May be applied until one day before harvest on listed vegetables.

  • Controls Colorado Potato Beetles and listed Loppers, Beetles and Borers on listed plants. 
  • Controls Hornflies, Lice and Face Flies on beef and dairy Cattle and Horses.
  • Controls Feas, Ticks, and Lice on dogs.
  • Not for use on cats
Active Ingredient Permethrin 0.25%
Target pests Controls Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Flies on animals and Cutworms, Japanese Beetles, Aphids, Squash Bugs, Armyworms, Colorado Potato Beetles, and more on plants
For use in Beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses, Swine, Poultry, Dogs; Home Ornamental and Vegetable Gardens, Roses, Flowers, Fruit and Nut Trees