Hi-Yield - Calcium Nitrate - 4 lb.

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Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate includes calcium (Ca) and nitrogen (N), two crucial elements that plants require (N). Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate is largely used in vegetable gardens to prevent blossom end rot, especially in tomatoes and peppers.

Tomatoes often suffer from blossom end rot. It is a physiological condition brought on by a calcium deficiency, not a sickness. Fruits that are expanding quickly suffer from a calcium deficit because enough calcium levels are not reaching the fruit's finish.

Use as a foliar spray or a soil (side dress) application. Per plant, use one level teaspoon. Avoid making direct contact with the plant and apply to the region where the plant's roots are growing. Never apply within two inches of a plant stem.

Sold by the Bag, 12/case