Hi-Yield - 2, 4-D Selective Weed Killer - Conc. ( 11.84% ) gal.

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This product will kill or control many broadleaf weeds other noxious plants susceptible to 2, 4-D in lawns, ponds, drainage ditchbanks, pastures and rangelands.

Active Ingredient 2,4-D - 11.84%

Alder, Artichoke, Aster, Beggartick, Bindweed, Clover, Dandelion, Chickweed, Poison Ivy, Puncturevine, Plantains, Thistle, and many more

For use in Lawns, Ponds, Drainage Ditchbanks, Pastures and Rangelands. *See label for complete list.
Application In established pastures and rangelands, use 1 gallon of this product in 15 gallons of water per acre. For small areas, use 3 to 4 fluid ounces (6 to 8 Tablespoons) per gallon of water per 1,000 square feet