Fertilome - Horticultural Oil Spray - Concentrate - pt.

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Use this three-in-one insecticide, fungicide & miticide as a dormant and growing season insect spray. Kills all stages of insects, including eggs. Use to control insects, mites, scale, for roses, flowers, fruits, vegetables, houseplants and trees. Also controls Adelgids, Aphids, Mites, Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Scale, Psyllids, Immature Plant Bugs, Sawfly Larvae, Whiteflies and kills all stages of insects, including eggs, Powdery Mildew.

Formulation:  Canola Oil 96%
Application Rate: Mix 4 teaspoons of concentrate with 1 quart water (or 2 fluid oz. concentrate with 3 quarts water)
Use On: Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Ornamentals, Shrubs & Flowers
Organic: Yes