Concern - Weed Prevention Plus - w/ Corn Gluten - 8-2-4 - 25 lb.

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An effective plan of attack against weeds is to get them before they start! Concern Weed Prevention Plus is powered by corn gluten meal, bone meal and potassium sulfate. Corn gluten meal suffocates and suppresses weeds before they begin to grow, while bone meal and potassium sulfate gently fertilize your lawn for lush, green grass.

Corn gluten is a by-product of the cornstarch manufacturing process and it has the ability to prevent seeds - especially those seeds of pesky weeds found in your lawn and garden - from growing roots and maturing. Corn gluten meal is combined with a natural fertilizer in Weed Prevention Plus to give your lawn a nutrient boost for fast green up and growth.

  • Prevents weeds while fertilizing your lawn.
  • Covers 1,500 sq ft total (1 bag).
  • Will not burn your lawn.
  • 90% effective weed control in the first year.
  • Easy to use and to distribute evenly.