Western Pulp - 12" Round Hanging Basket 2.09 Gallon - 22/Case (#105512)

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Perfect for fuchsias, geraniums, begonias, impatiens and other annuals and perennials. More soil volume offers greater moisture capacity. Also used for foliage plants and interior landscaping. 10, 12, and 14 baskets are fully wax-permeated for extended life and strength, fitted with attractive rust-free eyelets. Extra-strong Nylon Hangers available for 10 & 12 inch baskets

Product Code: 1055

Volume: 2.09 gallons (7.93 liters)

Interior: diameter 11¾"(29.8cm) top, 6¾"(17.1cm) bottom, height 6½"(16.5cm)

Exterior: diameter 12¾"(32.3cm) top, 7¼"(17.1cm) bottom, height 6?"(17.4cm)

Sold by the case: 22 each | 25 pounds | 3.3 cubic feet

*Nylon and Wire Hangers sold separately