Western Pulp - 8" X 6" Round 1.04 Gallon - 68/Case (#100912)

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Product Code: 1009

Volume: 1.04 gallons (3.94 liters)

Interior: diameter 8½"(21.5cm) top, 6½"(16.5cm) bottom | height 5¾"(14.6cm)

Exterior: diameter 9"(22.8cm) top, 6¾"(16.5cm) bottom | height 6?"(15.5cm)

Case: 68 each | 26 pounds | 5.0 cubic feet

Ideal for potting bareroot roses and small fruit, shade or flowering trees.

Also ground cover, liners, berries, deciduous and evergreen shrubs, perennials, broadleaf evergreens, conifers and field-dug plants. Medium containers are great for small specimen trees and for displaying B&B stock. Popular for patio and balcony gardening