Landmark - P-128CR Square Plug Tray With Center Rib - 100/Case

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Use the 128 cell tray to start leafy greens and crops that come out very quickly like lettuces, kales, and any leafy greens that will come right out and grow straight into the ground. These trays allow you to keep the plants in the cell a little longer and get a little more root growth. 

Product code P-128

Configuration 8 x 16

Cell top diameter (inches) 1.25
Cell depth (inches) 2.00

Cell center to center dimension (inches) 1.23 x 1.28

Max dry volume (cubic centimeters / cubic inches) 27.50 / 1.68

Drain diameter (punched) 0.38"

Pieces per carton 100
Cartons per pallet 32
Bulk 3200

Manufactured to precise standards for seeding materials