Nursery Supplies - EG8000 20 Gallon Econo Grip Container - 16/Bundle

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Until a few years ago, if growers needed a container with a rigid lip for lifting, they only had one choice: injection-molded containers.

That all changed when we introduced the Grip-Lip® blow-molded container - a strong, affordable container with a lip sturdy enough for lifting heavy plants and trees. Plus, since the lip is hollow inside, the Grip-Lip® “cushions” the hand, making for more comfortable lifting.

To do this required building an intricate mold with many moving parts - something that had never been done before in the nursery industry. But, because we build our own molds (and our own molding machines as well), our engineering staff was able to devise an ingenious method for actually bending the hot plastic in the lip area over onto itself as the container was being molded.

Economy line of blow-molded containers that offer exceptional durability, strength, value and are label hot stamp and printing compatible. Features a top lip that makes it easy to grip and is automation friendly. Made in the USA.

Product ID: GL8000

Trade Size: #20

Top Diameter (in.): 19.5
Height (in.): 17

Gallon(s): 19.59
Liter(s): 74.17

CCY: 10

Tower: 128
Stack: 16