Nursery Supplies - GL4000 10 Gallon Grip Lip Container - 19/Bundle

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Grip-Lip containers are designed to provide maximum stacking and shipping strength. They ease the strain of maneuvering plants and trees because the lip becomes a rigid handle. This unique lip design makes the Grip-Lip extremely comfortable to lift, yet strong enough to be carried by a forklift.

Product ID: GL4000

Trade Size: #10
Brand: Grip-Lip

Top Diameter (in.): 14.25
Height (in.): 14.25

Gallon(s): 8.992
Liter(s): 34.039
Approx. Caliper: 1"

Socket Pot: GL4000
Liner Pot: EG4000

CCY: 22

Tower: 342
Stack: 19