Dramm - Oscillating Sprinkler

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The ColorStorm Oscillating Sprinkler has 18 brass nozzle jets to provide uniform watering and includes a needle-plug for easy cleaning of the nozzle jets. The adjustable dial and tab deliver various water patterns and spray distances for lawn care and kid’s water fun.

This sprinkler covers an area of up to 3,036 Sq. Ft. (66 ft x 46 ft) and is constructed of heavy-duty metal and brass for durability. The sprinkler’s sleek design and eye-catching color accent your lawn while providing even watering. 

  • Includes a needle-plug for easy cleaning. 
  • Variable settings allows watering up to 3,036 Sq. Ft.
  • 18 heavy-duty brass nozzle jets provide uniform watering
  • Made from zinc and brass
  • Use for your lawn, garden, and more