Vitalix - #7 - Mineral CCM Tub - 250 lb

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A complete mineral and vitamin package designed for commercial cows, bulls, or heifers, and horses on pastures. Accurately supplies essential macro and micro minerals plus vitamins.

Fortified With:

  • Zinpro Organic trace minerals, using PolyTransport Technology so the trace minerals get used, not wasted.
  • SelenoSource, organic selenium, for improved immune response.
  • A prebiotic that includes organic cobalt and 6 essential B vitamins for improved fiber digestion.
  • Vitalix® Proprietary Enzyme Package for up to 15% increase in fiber digestion.
  • Adisseo protected Vitamin A and D

Feeding Recommendations:

  • 3 to 4 oz. per 1000 lb. animal per day
  • Guide: One 250-lb tub for every 30-40 head
  • Begin feeding #7 CCM with MOS 4 weeks prior to the start of calving. Continue feeding until 30 days after the last calf is born.
  • 4 oz. consumption of #7 CCM with MOS provides 10g per head per day of IntegraMOS.