Best - Apex 14-14-14 NPK 3 - 4 month w/ Gal-Xe - 50 lb

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Use APEX® 14-14-14 NPK for short season production with a balanced 1:1:1 ratio of plant nutrition. Apex 14-14-14 NPK is best for BEDDING, FLOWERING and FRUITING commercial production crops.

 Nitrogen 14.0%
Phosphate 14.0%
Potash 14.0%
Sulfur 5.0%

Derived from Polymer-Coated Ammonium Nitrate, Polymer-Coated Ammonium Phosphate, Polymer-Coated Calcium Phosphate, Polymer-Coated Ammonium Polyphosphate, and Polymer-Coated Sulfate of Potash.

* All nutrients have been polymer-coated to provide 14.00% coated slow release nitrogen (N), 14.00% coated slow release available phosphate (P2O5), 14.00% coated slow release soluble potash (K2O), and 5.00% coated slow release sulfur (S).