Ida-Gro Pelletized Poultry Compost - 40 lb.

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Ida-Gro Pelletized Poultry Compost is formulated using chicken compost from egg laying chickens. We do this for several reasons. Egg layers are fed a slightly richer diet with calcium to build strong shells and keep chickens actively producing. This produces a richer compost that is also higher in soluble calcium. We then take this compost and blend in organic phosphate powder before we process and pelletize. This produces a high quality granular pellet that can be easily handled and spread.

Idah-Gro Pelletized Poultry Compost is certifired organic by WSDA. More importantly, it provides a well rounded nutrient base of N P K & S plus soluble calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron and iron in a carbon based form that builds organic matter and humus in the soil. This helps create a soil that has more water holding and nutrient holding capacity, and handles stress better. It helps build a soil that is more sustainable and not as dependent on synthetic nitrogen for plant product needs

Guaranteed Analysis:  Nitrogen 1% | Phosphate 3% | Potash 2%


*One bag covers 1,000 sq. ft.