Utelite - Soil Conditioner - 0.5 cu. ft.

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Unlike other products, Utelite expanded shale provides long lasting results. It permanently loosens up heavy clay soil ensuring adequate flow of water and air. Utelite products are the preferred choice among landscape and garden professionals evidenced by use in many luxurious gardens and landscape designs

Optimum Growth: Better soil means better environments for plants to establish and grow. Utelite products transform ordinary soil in the premium garden soils that promote excellent plant performance

Soil Amending: With today’s topsoil varying tremendously in their quality and consistency, landscape and garden professionals rely on Utelite soil products for cost-effective, long-term improvements to native soils. Amending native soil with Utelite soil products provides adequate drainage, reduces nutrient loss, improves moisture retention and increases resistance to compaction. Soils properly amended with Utelite soil products remain loose.