ICL - 15-5-15 Peters Cal Mag Special w/Black Iron (#G99145) - 25 lb. - 80/Pallet (haz)

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The Cal Mag Special provides a continuous supply of the calcium and magnesium not found in soft water systems. High nitrate and low phosphate levels encourage healthy, compact growth. Contains three chelated irons, including black iron—the most effective for growing ornamentals.

  • versatile, all-purpose formulation for constant, balanced nutrition
  • effective for water types 1 and 2
  • 100% water soluble 
  • pure formulation—no ballast substances
  • elevated levels of chelated trace elements ensure robust growth and rich color
  • contains NPK, magnesium and micronutrients
  • developed for peat-based cultures (pot plants, bedding plants and container nursery stock)