ICL - 10-30-20 Peters Peat Lite Plant Starter - 25 lb.

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Peters Professional water-soluble fertilizer is a great option for maintaining plants. It delivers fast green-up and foliar growth with its high percentage of ammonium and urea nitrogen. A balance of phosphorus and potassium promote excellent root and shoot growth.

This formulation dissolves faster and cakes less than other top brands for easier mixing and application. It is chelated for easier absorption resulting in improved plant performance.

With high phosphate levels and a N:K ratio of 1:2, this combination makes Blossom Booster the ideal product for improving bud formation and development.

  • Useful when transplanting, before bloom initiation or whenever more phosphate is required.
  • B (Base) formulation can be used alone or rotated with a C (Customizing) component
  • Appropriate for Water Types 2, 3 and 4
  • Contains a full range of essential micronutrients