ICL - Peters Agritab 21 Gram 20-10-5 Planting Tablets w/ micros (#E90026) - 500/Box

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Agriform tablets provide a safe, fully complete plant nutrition program for trees, shrubs, container stock, and ground covers for up to two years. Equally effective on both new and established plants and trees. Compact, easy-to-use tablets are easy to apply and eliminate the need for repeated applications. These are an excellent way to ensure tree crops have a good start.

  • convenient 21 gram tablets provide safe and consistent nutrition throughout the growing cycle
  • contains NPK and essential micronutrients
  • pre-measured tablets ensure uniform rates while reducing application errors
  • ready to use out of the box—no need for dilution, mixing or measuring
  • eliminates wasteful fertilization of weeds and grass
  • leach resistant properties protect groundwater