Y-Tex - Python II Purple Insect Tag - 20 ct

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Use the Y-Tex Python II Insect Tags on beef and dairy cattle to help control horn flies, biting lice, face flies, stable flies, house flies and sucking lice. These insecticide ear tags use a pyrethroid compound to effectively protect livestock. The fly tags for cattle are blank and easy to mark for identification purposes.

  • Safe for use with lactating animals and calves
  • May be used in winter for lice control
  • Apply tag per animal for 3-4 month control
  • Apply two tags per animal for 4-5 month control
Ingredients:  5% zetacypermethrin and 20% piperonyl butoxide.
Controls: horn flies, face flies, lice, Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks. Aids in control of stable flies, black flies, house flies and small horse flies.