Rescue - Ant Bait Trap - 6 Pack

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Ants instinctively know the colony needs both sugar and protein to thrive. This dual-bait formula includes protein and carbohydrate -- in a form that's easy to ingest and transport. When placed where ant activity is seen, the foraging ants enter the RESCUE! bait station to find food. Some ingest the sugar gel while others chew off the protein bait.  Both are taken back to the nest to share with the colony. 

RESCUE!® Ant Baits kill most common household ants, including those species commonly known as pavement ants, sugar ants, Argentine ants, odorous house ants, grease ants and crazy ants.

- Mess-Free/Won't Spill
- Child-Resistant
- Ants Find It Fast
- Visible Results Overnight
- Reduce Ants In Your Home Within Days
- Kills The Queen, Destroys The Colony