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Ultrabac® 8 is for the vaccination of healthy cattle and sheep as an aid in the prevention of the following clostridial diseases of cattle and sheep.

    • Blackleg (Clostridium chauvoei)
    • Malignant edema (Cl. septicum)
    • Red water (Cl. haemolyticum)
    • Black disease (Cl. novyi)
    • Gas gangrene (Cl. sordellii)
    • Enterotoxemia and Enteritis (Cl. perfringens types B, C and D)

    Give cattle 5 ml subcutaneous; give sheep 2.5 ml subcutaneous. Repeat in four to six weeks and once annually.

      Clostridial agents cannot be eradicated because they are universally present in soil and the intestinal tract of cattle.