Zoetis - Cattlemaster Gold FP 5 - 10 dose



4136-•New with killed BVD Type 2, delivering exceptional respiratory protection, even against a lethal challenge.1
•First and only killed BVD vaccine line with the power to deliver fetal protection from BVD persistent infection and IBR abortion.*
•Fast, strong and proven safe modified-live IBR, PI3 and BRSV protection.
•New next-generation adjuvant system, PreZent™-A, stimulates the immune system to unprecedented protective levels.
•Safe and convenient—Vaccinate any calf, any cow, anytime.
•Beef Friendly™ subcutaneous administration.
•Also available in an L5 combination.

New CattleMaster® GOLD™ provides protection like no other killed BVD vaccine from the five most common viral respiratory diseases:

•BVD Type 1
•BVD Type 2

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