Zoetis - Lutalyse - 30 ml - 6 dose (Rx)

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LUTALYSE® (dinoprost tromethamine) Sterile Solution is the premium choice for reproductive management in all beef operations. It helps cow-calf operators synchronize estrus for shorter breeding seasons and earlier, more uniform calves. It can also help feedlots make sure they're feeding open heifers.


In beef cattle with a corpus luteum, LUTALYSE® Sterile Solution is indicated for the following:

•Estrus synchronization

•Treatment of unobserved (silent) estrus

•Termination of pregnancy

•Postpartum treatment of pyometra (chronic endometritis)

Key Features

•Natural prostaglandin and fast action reduce possible side effects

•In an estrus synchronization program, helps produce uniform lots of calves that are easier to manage

•Reduces losses due to pregnancy in feedlot heifers

•No meat withdrawal

•High safety factor – thoroughly researched prostaglandin

•Ideal dose size reduces problems if injection-site leakage