Durvet - Lamb & Kid Paste w/ Syringe

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A source of live natural microorganisms used to minimize intestinal
disorders, and enhance the digestion of food.
FOR USE ON: Lambs and Goats
• Protects lambs and kids during the critical first 24 hours
• Aids in the control of scours
• Gives lambs and kids an immediate energy boost at birth
• Use at first sign of health problems and to supplement colostrum
• Protective coating allows bacteria to be used with antibiotics
Total lactic acid producing bacteria 5 x 107 –CFU/GM
Dried egg yolk containing specialized proteins to aid in scours control
Administer 3 to 5 grams on back on tongue of newborn lambs or kids.
Administer 5 to 15 grams to older animals. Repeat dosage as needed.