Lamb & Kids - Selenium & Vitamin E Oral gel - 80 ml

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Selenium and Vitamin E Oral Gel is a unique combination of Selenium and Vitamin E at levels designed for goats and sheep.  Both the Selenium and Vitamin E are all natural. Selenium and Vitamin E Gel is in a Real Gel™ base that melts at body temperature so when administered it will not roll off the tongue. This product is to be used as the sole source of Selenium.


  • Easy to use formulation that provides good source of Selenium - important in the prevention of white muscle disease 

  • Gel formulation is longer lasting than injections 

  • Reduces the risk of injection site reactions 

  • Selenium and vitamin E both play a role in immune function and are vital for growth & reproduction 

  • Use for Sheep, Goats, Lambs and Kids