Pbi Gordon -Q4 Plus - 1 QT

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With four powerful active ingredients, Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide for Grassy & Broadleaf Weeds offers a single product option to control crabgrass and yellow nutsedge, as well as tough broadleaf weeds like clover and chickweed. Q4 Plus is highly selective on cool-season and listed warm-season turfgrasses. It offers rapid visual response and has a one-week reseeding interval for most listed turf.

  • Provides post-emergent control of both grassy and broadleaf weeds
  • For use on bluegrass, ryegrass, tall fescue, bermudagrass and zoysia
  • Controls crabgrass, foxtail, dandelion, chickweed, clover and more

Active Ingredient 2,4-D: 11.81%, Dicamba: 1.49%, Quinclorac: 8.43%, Sulfentrazone: 0.69%
Target pests Foxtail, Bull Thistle, Chickweed, Clovers, Crabgrass, Dandelion, Yellow Nutsedge, Signalgrass and others
For use in Golf Courses, Commercial and Residential Lawns, Public Parks, Sports Turf and more
Application Mix 2.6 - 3 oz. per gallon of water to treat 1000 sq ft. Apply to weeds during the growth stages.