HJE - Nutri-Pel 4-3-0 - 1.5%(Fe) - 1%(S) - 40 lbs

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This natural multi-use fertilizer is great for lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs and flower beds. It provides the nutrients needed for deep greening and consistent feeding for up to 10 weeks without excessive growth. This slow-release fertilizer can be used throughout the year. Compare to Milorganite. 

    Total Nitrogen 4.0%
    Phosphate 3.0%
    Calcium 3.4%
    Sulfur 1.0%
    Iron 1.5%


    Application Rate: Regular Turf Feedings: 4000 sq.ft. per 40 lb. bag (11 bags per acre) New Turf Establishment: 2000 sq.ft. per 40 lb. bag (22 bags per acre) For best results, apply when turf is actively growing and avoid using during extremely hot weather.