Deadline - Mini Pellets - Slug and Snail -3 lb. - Green Bag

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Deadline Slug & Snail Slayer delivers one last meal for slugs and snails. The metaldehyde active ingredient has been used to kill slugs and snails for more than 40 years, so you can trust this product to get the job done. This slug bait also has an attractant in the formula to attract all species of slugs and snails.

This snail killer isĀ long lasting with an all-weather formula that is effective up to 4 weeks. It is easy to use and resistant against rain and irrigation. Apply pellets as a barrier around plants by distributing in an even line. It is important to make applications following irrigation or watering in; do not apply to dry soil.

Active Ingredient: Ā  Metaldehyde 2.0%
Application: 3 lbs covers over 3,200 ft
Use Area: Around listed residential vegetable crops and ornamental plants.